Divinations & Readings (Spiritual donation: $100.00)

All divinations and readings are done over the phone only. Once the donation is made, you will be contacted with a time and date for your appointment. Readings are one hour. Beyond one hour is an additional $50 per half hour. During the reading, you will be able to ask questions. All that is needed for the reading is your name and birthdate. 

Home cleanings/Blessings (Spiritual Donation:$350)

Whether moving into a new house or just wanting to clear some energy in your current home, Iya is available to assist you. Iya covers every room in the home with prayers and divination to make sure it is fully cleansed before moving on to the next room. 

Exorcism/Banishments/Wayward Spirits (Spiritual donation starting at $400)

Possessions are Iya's specialty. Demons or spirits that have attached themselves to the living can be banished. 

Private Eku Joko (Misa) (Spiritual Donation starting at $600)

Find answers by speaking to your ancestors. This gathering focuses on calling on your honored ancestors to speak to you through Iya to provide answers and information. 

Spiritual Work Case by Case

Spiritual work donations are on  a case by case donation that is discussed during the initial divination/reading.  


How long has Iya been doing readings?

Iya has been doing readings for over 25 years for clients in the US and overseas.

Can I get a reading in person?

At this time, readings are done over the phone. 

Where are services provided?

Services are provided in your home or at Iya's shrine.

Does Iya travel?

Yes. You will be required to cover travel expenses. 

How do I submit my spiritual donation?

All donations can be submitted through Cash App: $Olori9

When will my appointment be scheduled?

Appointments are scheduled once donations are received.