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Meet Iyanifa Oyadele Ogunsina "Olori"

"I have been initiated to the Egungun “a-goon-goon” (ancestral society in Oyatunji Afrikan Village in South Carolina (April 1998), and initiated and ritually trained in Dahomey/Benin Republic to Oya (January 1999) and Sango (August 2000). Elevated & Coronated as Queen "LaReine/Olori" March 2003 in Benin Republic. Initiated to Ifa (May 2013), lastly, I was initiated to the Ogboni Society (October 2018)

Iya is an elder of  Dawtas of the Moon

As an Oya priestess she has taken me to many parts of West Africa and in various parts of the world; however, there is no place like home ~Dahomey.

My teachings of Orisa worship has been taught to me by my Elders in both Dahomey and Nigeria and by my late Godmother Iyalosa Osunbamike Aduke (ibae). Currently, my Oluwo the former Araba of Ekiti State is Kabiyesi Chief Bode Fasuyi who is based in California.


Ile Oya Afefe Osa Meji Temple

Our Temple

Ile Oya Afefe Osa Meji Temple is located in Baltimore, MD. It was founded by me. 

This is a working ile that is very involved in doing spiritual work to uplift the community such as free healing sessions, feeding homeless, donating clothing and supplies to those in need and all other manner of community services.

Each member if the temple is required and has committed to learning and growing spiritually. 

In Ile Oya Afefe Osa Meji, we learn about honoring our ancestors and the Orisa, divination, how to make spiritual baths, prayers, songs, dances and rituals.  Members that have gone through initiation are taught the deeper mysteries of the religion.  

To become a member of this temple, you must have a divination/reading with me.

Ile Oya Afefe Osa Meji Temple members with honored guest Chief Bode and Mambo Yansa

Ile Oya Afefe Osa Meji Temple members with honored guest Chief Bode and Mambo Yansa

The Importance of Spiritual Protection

Iya is available for speaking engagements. Check out this video.

Tea Time with Olori

This interview was conducted by RevPayshence on her youtube channel discussing Domestic Violence.